Log-A-Load 2023

NH Timber Harvesting Council co-sponsors the Log-A-Load fun shoot to raise money in support of the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD).

On August 19, 71 shooters participated in a sporting clays fun shoot and raised over $7,000 for CHaD at the Green Mountain Shooting Preserve in Effingham, NH.

This year’s event sponsors included:

Colby Lumber Co Inc.
Errol S. Peters
Farm Credit East
Franklin G. Parks
Garland Lumber Company
Hancock Lumber Company
H B Logging, LLC
J. M. Champeau
Landvest, Inc.
Middleton Building Supply, Inc.
Wagner Forest Management, Ltd.
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank
Matt Chagnon, retired UNH forestry Professor, takes aim at clay pigeon at Green Mountain Shooting Preserve’s station #1.

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