Professional Loggers Program

The New Hampshire Professional Logger Program is a voluntary education and certification program. It was developed by loggers for loggers.

This program is run by the N.H. Timber Harvesting Council and is co-sponsored by the NHTOA, UNH Cooperative Extension, UNH Thompson School. This program’s objectives are:

  1. To provide consistent standards of training within New Hampshire’s timber harvesting and trucking industry.
  2. To conduct training programs that benefit loggers by improving work efficiency, safety, and environmental awareness.
  3. To provide public and professional recognition for loggers who complete training programs.
  4. To improve awareness of and compliance with of timber harvesting and wetlands laws and regulations.

Any person gainfully employed in the harvesting of timber, including manual or mechanical felling, limbing, bucking, skidding, trucking, or chipping can apply for certification. For more information about the certification requirements go to Personal Log Book.

To see a complete list of loggers and truckers certified through the N.H. Professional Loggers Program see the Certified Logger List.

Pictured are the loggers and truckers who became certified or renewed their certification at the 2022 Loggers and Truckers Convention at the Town and country Resort in Gorham, N.H.